Eastern Briefings June 19
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Revanchism, Irredentism, Unification, all different words to describe, perhaps, the single unifying notion that nation states have to unite common peoples. These are concepts that have sparked war, stalled peace, and birthed great change. The death of Helmut Kohl reminds us that it takes truly great statesman to peacefully oversee the prosecution of such claims. Sadly, many parts of the world where such words apply appear to be lacking such a statesman.

Cod Satrusayang
ANN Managing Director
  ASEAN nations launch joint sea patrols to combat terrorists  
  A joint operations between several Southeast Asian nations is being launched to combat the threat of Islamist terrorists in the sea lanes between Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. The area is rife with terrorist and pirates who often kidnap unsuspecting tourists from their boats or from coastal resorts to demand a ransom.  More recently, groups affiliated with ISIS have released gruesome beheading videos after pledging their allegiance to the Islamic State.

The patrols are launched amid a backdrop of growing insecurity in the region with ongoing battles between the Philippines Armed Forces and a coalition of terrorist organizations with affiliations to Isis for control of the city of Marawi. Experts warn that the area threatens to be another battleground not-unlike the middle east unless nations step up their efforts to combat radicalism.
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Chairman of Taiwanese banking company arrested
The chairman of Taiwan-based Sinopac Holdings was arrested in Taipei after prosecutors found that he and other company executives were involved in illegal loans worth up to 164 million US dollars.

It is the latest corruption scandal in Asia involving a major bank and loans, as countries around the region continue to slide on the transparency and corruption index.
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China eases some foreign investment restrictions
Beijing has eased some restrictions for foreign companies investing in the country's special economic zones. It is a moved long called for by foreign investors and foreign governments looking to operate in the country.

Among the restrictions that were lifted were regulations dealing with foreign ownership of certain companies, regulations on electric cars and financial regulations of foreign banks.
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AIIB may invest in North Korea
The China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank may finance infrastructure projects for North Korea if the board of director agrees.
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Japan considering opening railway market to EU
The Japanese government is considering opening the railway market to EU investors as part of a new deal with the union
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